Farnum Swat Clear Fly Repellent Formula

Farnum Swat Clear Fly Repellent Formula

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Swat Clear Formula Ointment is a special insect-repellant ointment for horses, created specifically in order to protect the animal from the aggression of mosquitoes, horseflies and insects in general.

Features: for the protections of all skin damage, simply apply a small layer of Swat Ointment to keep insects away, keeping them from feeding and laying eggs. Moreover, Swat Ointment protects the wound from both dust and impurities, preventing dangerous infections and promoting a later bonding.
Swat Ointment is extremely practical, applying it doesn’t require any bandaging and doesn’t bother the horse; Swat Ointment is part of the Farnam disinfestation program, which aims to lower the presence of parasites both on the horse and in the surroundings it lives in.
Instructions for use: apply directly on the wound a quantity of Swat Ointment  that is enough to cover it. Repeat the application until fully healed.
Composition: Pyrethroid 0,20%, Piperonyl butoxide 0,50% (equal to 0,4% of pure PBO), Inert Ingredients 99,30%