Chick'n Swell Chick'n Breath 500ml

Chick'n Swell Chick'n Breath 500ml

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Supports the health of respiratory organs. Helps to maintain moisture balance in nose, throat and lungs. Formulated to reduce oxidative stress and maintain a healthy immune function.

• Antitussive • Anti-inflammatory • Expectorant • Immunomodulator • Antioxidant

Active ingredients per dose (5ml/1 teaspoon): Rosemary Oil: 10 mg Cinnamaldehyde: 7.5 mg Peppermint: 10 mg Oregano oil: 5 mg Other ingredients: eugenol, sweet birch and orange oil.

Peppermint and rosemary • Antitussive and anti-inflammatory properties of the respiratory system. Soothing effect on coughing and grumbling associated with respiratory tract infection.  • Promotes expectoration, facilitate the removal of mucus that can accumulate in the trachea and respiratory tract during breathing difficulty. • Promotes the maintenance of healthy and optimal immune function during periods of stress such as vaccination.

Oregano and cinnamaldehyde • Powerful antioxidants. Prevents the negative effects caused by oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can contribute to the development of pathogens, weaken the immune system and interfere with normal water and food consumption

DIRECTIONS FOR USE Dosage 5 ml (1 teaspoon) per liter of fresh water In prevention 1 to 2 days each week As soon as signs of respiratory difficulties appear 5 to 7 days Vaccination 3 days before vaccination and 24 hours after vaccination, for 3 more days.