Chick'n Swell Chick'n Egg 500ml

Chick'n Swell Chick'n Egg 500ml

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Supports musculoskeletal integrity. Promotes a healthy eggshell structure.

• Promotes the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus • Antirachitic • Provides 400 IU of Vitamin D3 / 5 ml (1 teaspoon

Active ingredients per dose (5ml/1 teaspoon): Calcium chloride: 5 mg Vitamin D3: 0.01 mg Calcium propionate: 2 mg

DIRECTIONS FOR USE Dosage 5 ml (1 teaspoon) per liter of fresh water Prevention of shell quality and legs issues 1 day per week Soft/cracked shell/ or leg issues 3 consecutive days. Repeat weekly as needed

Caution: Never give more than 3 days a week

Calcium • Necessary for the general functioning of metabolism and the formation of eggs and shell and the reproduction of birds. Calcium is important for bone health and egg production with strong and fairly thick shells. It is also involved in blood clotting and neuromuscular quality. • Calcium should preferably be combined with vitamin D3, since it is well known that vitamin D promotes the absorption of calcium.

Vitamin D • Promotes the intestinal assimilation of calcium and its good fixation on the bones. It prevents cases of rickets in young subjects, fragility of bones and eggshells in adults and reduces the risk of lower egg-laying.