Chick'n Swell Chick'n Refresh 500ml

Chick'n Swell Chick'n Refresh 500ml

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Formulated to reduce oxidative stress. To promote normal and calm behavior during periods of heat stress

Antioxidant • Anxiolytic • Antipyretic • Digestive

Active ingredients per dose (5ml/1 teaspoon): Lemon oil: 10 mg Thymol: 3 mg Peppermint: 10 mg Other ingredients: orange oil and cinnamaldehyde

Thymol • Promotes water consumption. Water is an element involved in several metabolic aspects including the regulation of body temperature and the digestion of food.

Lemon • Powerful antioxidant. Prevents negative effects caused by oxidative stress such as heat stress. Heat stress can have several harmful consequences in birds such as reducing egg-laying, affecting the quality of the shell and slowing down the digestion process. • Natural anti-stress. Helps promote calm and normal behavior.

Peppermint • Helps maintain normal body temperature in periods of heat.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE Dosage 5 ml (1 teaspoon) per liter of fresh water Introduction of birds 5 to 7 days, can be repeated if needed Heat stress Ideally start 24 hours before the heat period and supplement for the entire heat wave (Up to 7 days) Pecking 5 to 7 days, can be repeated if needed.