AVL Sterile Calci-Mag-Phos-Dextrose Injectable Solution 500ml

AVL Sterile Calci-Mag-Phos-Dextrose Injectable Solution 500ml

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  • Description 
  • For milk fever and other calcium, glucose, magnesium and phosphorous deficiencies of cattle, sheep and swine (e.g. grass staggers, railroad tetany)

Active Ingredients:

Calcium gluconate monohydrate (equivalent to 21.6mg/ml of calcium): 20.55% w/v Calcium hypophosphite (equivalent to 5.0 mg/mL of phosphorus): 1.37% w/v Magnesium gluconate dihydrate: 5.8% w/v Dextrose monohydrate: 15% w/v

Milliequivalents per 100ml:

Cations: calcium: 107.8 mEq / Magnesium: 25.6 mEq / Total 133.4 mEq

Anions: Borogluconate: 117.3 mEq / Hypophosphite 16.1 mEq / Total 133/4 mEq

Inactive Ingredients: Boric acid, water for injection USP, caramel color, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide.

Indications: as an aid in the treatment of milk fever and other calcium, glucose, magnesium, and phosphorus deficiencies in adult cattle, sheep, horses, and swine.

Dosage and Administration: for intravenous, subcutaneous or intraperitoneal administration in cattle, sheep, and swine and STRICTLY intravenously in horses. Warm the solution to body temperature prior to use. When administered subcutaneously, the dose should be divided over several sites. Inject slowly and use aseptic technique for administration. Massage to facilitate absorption.

Adult cattle and horses: 250-500ml

Adult sheep and swine: 50-125ml

Repeat in several hours if required or as recommended by a veterinarian. If there is no noticeable improvement after 24 to 36 hours or less depending on the severity of the condition being treated, consult your veterinarian. Monitor animal's condition closely.

Cautions: Contains no preservatives. Use only if solution is clear. Discard any unused portion.

Storage: store between 15C and 30C. Keep from freezing. Keep away from direct light.