"No Thrush" NT Dry Powder

"No Thrush" NT Dry Powder

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Heel, Frog, and Coat!

An All Natural Powder!

Don’t use a “wet” product for a “Wet” Problem

● Dries Frog

● Firms Heel

● No Stains

Helps combat the effects of damp stable conditions.

NN.H1S5 - For Veterinary Use Only.

Not for use in horses intended for food.
Directions For Use
Shake well before use to reduce settling. Snip top above cut-line.

For use on horses: Clean off debris with pick/brush. For fastest results, keep hoof dry. However NT Dry works well in rainy climates, just use cloth to wipe away moisture. Thoroughly puff the powder into all grooves and openings, then be sure to brush it in with a hoof brush so the entire foot is coated with powder. Use 1-2X daily as needed to aid against soft frogs and heels.

Maintenance: Stay out of the soft frog/heel cycle! Recommended: Use at least once per week, more often during wet weather.

On the Coat: When the fur on the horse’s legs and back become rough or patchy, apply once per day until area has regained its shine. Do not wash before use or remove any rough patches. Just Dust On dry and then work into the coat.

NT Dry Caution
Use in ventilated area.

For animal and external use only. Avoid eyes. If sensitive to dust, use a mask.
Ingredients: All natural mix of multiple clays and silicates, 15% salts of copper, 54% high purity airfloated kaolin clay, premium diatomaceous earth, oregano powder.