Doktor Doom Bed Bug Killer 515g

Doktor Doom Bed Bug Killer 515g

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Once you've established a bed bug problem, it's important to come up with a plan of attack to effectively eradicate them, or you may make the problem worse.

Step One: Identify Infestation - The first step in fixing your problem, is to identify the area's of infestation, whether it's a bed, couch, etc. If the infestation has spread and seems out of control, it may be necessary to contact a pest control specialist from the onset.

Step Two: Identify Logical Hiding Spots - Like every living organism, they have a strong survival instinct. If you spray the targetted area, without establishing a barrier, they are going to flee and SPREAD, leaving you worse off then when you started. You should look for electrical outlets, gaps in the floorboards, or any other small nooks and crannies they may use to escape.

Step Three: Establish a Barrier - Once you've assesed potential areas the insects may escape to, it's important to fill these gaps, spraying or dusting the crevices, electrical outlets, alongside the floorboards, doorways, etc. to form an effective barrier around the infested area. Doktor Doom has several great products for doing this, such as the sleep tight residual barrier and Diatomaceous Earth, which is food grade and pet safe. 

Step Four: Apply Pest Control Product - After creating your barrier, it's time to kill the bed bugs! Using an effective contact spray or a fogger you will effectively get rid of your bed bug problem. 

Step Five: Reapply The Solution - Understanding the bed bug life cycle, is important. If we spray the product only once, some of the pests and their eggs may survive. Reapplying the insecticide again 1-2 days later will increase the effectiveness of the solution.