Life Line Icelandic Ocean Kelp
Life Line Icelandic Ocean Kelp
Life Line Icelandic Ocean Kelp

Life Line Icelandic Ocean Kelp

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Organic Ocean Kelp™ is a rich source of natural vitamins and minerals including essential trace elements for balanced growth, health and reproduction. Ocean Kelp is a vital source of naturally occurring phytochemicals and Omega-3 fatty acids that are undamaged throughout our gentle processing. One of the many key benefits of our Organic Ocean Kelp is the reduction of buildup of plaque and tartar for healthy teeth and gums along with clean fresh breath. You will notice general improvement in overall health along with vibrant, healthy, skin and coat and a reduction in shedding.

Benefits of Ocean Kelp™ for your pet:

  • Reduces tartar build-up and periodontal disease-causing plaque for both cats, dogs, livestock, and horses
  • Contains iodine that maintains pets’ thyroid to keep them at a healthy weight
  • Restoring their natural pigmentation and bring out the vibrancy in their coat color
  • Maintains skin & coat health. Reduces excessive shedding and replenishing moisture in skin to prevent flaking
  • Increases circulation
  • Eases arthritis pain and joint inflammation
  • Supports immune systems to fight off disease and allergies
  • Aids in digestion and increases metabolism
  • Increases an animal’s stamina and endurance

Best Use

Ocean Kelp™ is a natural supplement used for cats, dogs, livestock, and horses. Kelp contains more than 60 different minerals and vitamins and 21 amino acids. It’s easy to digest, contains fiber and protein, and reduces tarter buildup on your pets’ teeth.