Livstrong Gut Health 120g
Livstrong Gut Health 120g
Livstrong Gut Health 120g

Livstrong Gut Health 120g

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Livstrong Pets Gut Health Supplement is made up of two powerful herbs to help support digestive health & the Immune system.  Wheat Grass is a powerful leafy green that adds valuable fiber to help support healthy digestion. Wheatgrass is commonly used as a healthy dietary addition for cats, dogs' digestive health!  Marshmallow root is safe for dogs, and a natural way to help heal any digestive issues your dog might be experiencing. It comes from the Althaea Officinalis plant that grows in marshy areas … hence “marshmallow.”   And marshmallow root brings many health benefits for your dog.

Ingredients:  Wheat Grass & Marshmallow Root Powder

120g / 4.2oz in a black reusable & recyclable jar with a measuring spoon

Administer Orally – When introducing any new product to your dogs’ diet do so gradually
Body Weight                                             Recommended Dosage
<4.5kg / 10lbs                                                    ¼ tsp daily
4.5kg/10lb - 9kg/20lb                                        ½ tsp daily                                    9.5kg/21lb - 13.6kg/30lb                                   3/4 tsp daily
13.7kg/31lb - 18kg/40lb                                     1 tsp daily                                      18.1kg/41lb - 22.6kg/50lb                                  1 1/4 tsp daily
22.7kg/51lb - 27kg/60lb                                     1 ½ tsp daily                                27.1kg/61lb - 32/70lb                                         1 3/4 tsp daily
32.1kg/71lb - 36kgkg/80lb                                  2 tsp daily
>36kg/80lb                                                           2 1/4 tsp daily