MadBarn Monosodium Phosphate 1kg

MadBarn Monosodium Phosphate 1kg

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Mad Barn’s bulk monosodium phosphate powder can be used to support bone health and metabolic function. This supplement is a calcium-free source of the essential mineral phosphorus.

Phosphate is an important regulator of enzymes in all cells by binding to enzymes at specific sites to activate or suppress their activity. It is necessary for normal cellular function and is involved in the production of the energy molecules adenosine diphosphate (ADP) and adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

Horses that are fed low quality hay may not obtain adequate amounts of this mineral in their diet and may require supplementation. Adult horses require approximately 17 grams per day of phosphorus. Requirements will increase in growing, pregnant, and lactating horses.

Phosphorus and calcium should be considered together in the horse’s diet because they are both important for maintaining healthy bone structure and they affect each others absorption. The optimal ratio in the equine diet is two parts calcium to one part phosphorus.

If the diet contains more phosphorus than calcium, horses will be susceptible to developing calcium deficiency leading to a loss of bone density. For example, wheat bran contains high amounts of phosphorus and may impair calcium absorption which may cause bone problems and lameness.

Phosphorus and calcium should always be considered together when formulating equine diets to ensure optimal status of both macrominerals.

You should always consult a qualified nutritionist before altering your feed program.

Per  gram serving
Nutrient Concentration Per 30 G
Phosphorus (min) 23% 6.9 g
Sodium (min) 19% 5.7 g
Fluorine (max) 2000 mg/kg 60 mg

Ingredients: Monosodium Phosphate

 Directions for Use:

The feeding rate for Monosodium Phosphate varies depending on your horse’s condition and current diet.

Body Weight Scoops Dose
< 200 kg 1/2 scoop 15 g
200 – 500 kg 1 scoop 30 g
> 500 kg 1.5 scoops 45 g
1 scoop = 29.6 cc = 30 grams