Trough Rocks 3kg
Trough Rocks 3kg

Trough Rocks 3kg

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3kg bag for suitable for one 200 litre trough.


Trough Rocks are Australian paramagnetic rocks when placed into your animals' trough they inhibit the growth of algae and bacteria. This makes the trough water cleaner for your animals to drink.

By adding Trough Rocks to your troughs, your animals' urine will no longer burn the grass, deterring unsightly patches. 

All-natural minerals, no chemicals- straight from the earth. Nothing is added to them. Unlike other products, no copper or boron is artificially manufactured into Trough Rocks.

This makes our product much healthier and safer for your animals.

Perfectly safe for humans and animals. 

Absolutely! They will work the same within you fish pond as in your trough. Keeping the water clean and healthy for your fish and any other animals that live in that water.



​Trough Rocks keep clean water clean, they do not clean dirty water. It is best to empty and clean your trough before use.

Once your trough is clean. Remove tag from the Trough Rocks bag and set aside. Place the entire Trough Rock bag fully submerged into the water. That's it!

Set a reminder in your diary for 4 months time. As the rocks are natural they lose their charge over time and need replacing.

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